Healthy Hair for Your Wedding

Before I started exclusively working with brides, I spent 13 years in the salon as a licensed hairstylist and color specialist. I built lasting relationships with my clients, so it was always exciting when they came in and showed me an engagement ring. And what were the next words out of their mouths? “I have to grow out my hair for the wedding!!!”

Often, growing out hair length is what brides are worried about, but what you really need to focus on is having healthy hair on your wedding day. Length and thickness can always be supplemented with hair extensions, but there’s no way to fix split ends, breakage, and bad hair color on your wedding day. Here are a few tips to get you hair healthy and strong for your wedding day:

TRIM, TRIM, TRIM! I know the idea of getting a haircut when you’re trying to grow out your hair is conflicting, but it is absolutely necessary. In the simplest of terms, you want to trim off your split ends so that they don’t continue to split further up the hair shaft, which will ultimately cause you to lose length. By trimming ¼-½” every 8-12 weeks, you are allowing yourself to keep the additional 1-1 ½” that your hair grew during that period.

CONDITION. You want shiny, soft, luxurious hair on your wedding day, not dry and brittle hair. Conditioning is essential in achieving this. Many people are scared to use conditioner because they feel it makes their hair oily or greasy. Talk to your stylist about this concern and ask what he/she recommends. Remember that there are conditioners for ALL hair types, tapered to your needs. And most importantly, remember to “shampoo your scalp, condition your ends.” Don’t glob conditioner on your scalp when in the shower. Hair closer to the scalp is getting essential oils from your skin, the ends of your hair is what needs the conditioner.

THINK ABOUT COLOR. Do you change your hair color often? Do you go darker in the winter and lighter in the summer? Even with proper technique, hair color can be damaging on your hair. Let your colorist know what you want your hair to look like on your wedding day. Often, especially when going dark to light, it can take several color sessions to get your color exactly where you want, while still preserving the integrity of the hair. Don’t sit in your colorist’s chair two weeks before the wedding and say, “make me blonde!”

By paying attention to just a few details, you will have healthy and shiny hair on your wedding day. It will reflect in your photos and make things easier on your bridal hairstylist too!